How to Throw the Best Dinner Party Ever!

Has the art of the dinner party become an endangered species? It depends on who you ask, but as far as we are concerned, there’s still a lot of fun to be had in inviting friends over for great food, beverages, and stimulating conversation. Also, research studies have shown that sharing meals with friends can make us all happier and overall healthier.


But if the thought of throwing dinner parties makes you feel stressed out and agitated, here is a bit of news for you: hosting a house party can be very easy, stress-free, and if planned in advance, won’t leave you pulling your hair out. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to pull off a fabulous dinner party. The following are some tips to ensure your next party is fun for everyone involved (even the host!).


Plan Ahead to Ensure Success

The best house parties typically involve a great guest list that share similar interests as well as a few wild cards to enliven things. The most important thing is to ensure that all the guests will inevitably get along and won’t rock the boat too much. Writing the invitations by hand is always nice (if time permits), but an email or short phone call works fine, too.


Selecting the Entrees


Make a list of the possible foods you want to cook a week or two before the event and try to cook dishes that you excel at. By cooking smarter, you will save yourself both time and stress. If you really want to try out a new dish, test it about a week beforehand.


Aside from putting together a list of great dishes, you also will need to know about the dietary habits of everyone invited to ensure no one gets sick on your watch. Most guests will alert hosts if they have a particular allergy, but it is always nice to ask ahead of time. Always have at least one thing on the table that everyone invited can enjoy.


Check Inventory

A great house party means having the necessary dishes, glasses, plates, serving utensils, et cetera. Having a top rated wine refrigerator on hand always helps. Once you have taken inventory, you will know what you need to additionally buy or even borrow for the big event. Lay everything out the night before and also double check the ingredients you will need for your recipes a couple of days before the party to avoid any potential mishaps.


Flexibility Is Your Friend

No matter how much you plan in advance, there are bound to be some unexpected surprises along the way to your dinner party. Have more than enough beverages and food on hand just in case someone you invite decides to bring someone else along at the last minute. When in doubt, more is always better than less.


Menu Strategy

Minimize the amount of prep time in the meals you serve and keep it as simple as possible to avoid extra headaches. One immaculate dish is more than enough to wow your guests. Don’t stress yourself out when you could be enjoying the company of your friends!

Carrie Reviews the Best Wine Refrigerators

Depending on your particular tastes and preferences, a great wine refrigerator can be vastly different from someone else’s view. With that being said, a wine fridge is a great investment worth your time. There are many features associated with wine refrigerators that should be considered before narrowing it down to one before making a purchase. There are several facts to think about before you purchase your wine refrigerator:


  • How many bottles you will store
  • Storage of red or white wines (or both)
  • Built-in fridge or freestanding option?
  • Location of wine refrigerator (kitchen, garage, basement?)


The following wine refrigerators have been vetted and researched and are among the best of the best when it comes to wine fridges.

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Haier 6 Wine Cellar

When it comes to value for your money, the Haier 6 is arguably the best on the market. In terms of quality, few offer so much at such an affordable price. For first time buyers that have just begun experimenting with wines at home, this is the perfect wine fridge to invest in. Easily place six bottles comfortably and save space in your regular refrigerator.


Set the Haier 6 at one temperature and then you can store either red or white and not have to worry about the settings. If you do need to adjust the temperature, there is an LED display that allows you to set it to an ideal temperature for the wine you store. The Haier will save energy by turning off once the ideal temperature is met.


The Haier is extremely quiet as it is constructed with a mechanism that thermoelectrically cools and is small enough to fit right on your countertop with ease. For those with smaller kitchens should consider this option. With its soft light and exterior trim in black, it complements most kitchen styles as well. This is a great wine fridge to start out with before possibly moving on to the big leagues of wine fridges.

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Haier 18 -Bottle Dual Zone

For wine enthusiasts that are more serious, the Haier 18 is a step up from its smaller cousin, possessing all the qualities of the Haier 6, but ups the ante by being able to store 18 bottles as well as offering two temperature zones which allows storage of different types of wines. The bottom storage area is able to hold 8 bottles and keeps a temperature range between 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit making it ideal for white wine storage. The top storage area is ideal for storing red wine and holds a temperature between 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.


As a thermoelectric refrigerator, the Haier 18 produces a slight buzzing sound but isn’t any louder than other appliances in your house, comparable to that of a desktop computer. Appearance wise, it has been designed to complement nearly any kitchen. For wine enthusiasts looking for the next step up in wine fridges, the Haier 18 is a must-have.


NewAir 32 Wine Refrigerator

Another great wine fridge that is even bigger than the previous two on this list is the NewAir 32. This fridge is for the wine enthusiast that has built up an impressive collection and is interested in ageing them to achieve maximum flavor and exceptional aroma out of their stock.


The NewAir 32 is a deluxe fridge that can hold 32 bottles, with compartments placed on each side with separate doors. Each zone has temperature controlled via LED display, with each able to be managed independently. Wooden pull-out racks give the feeling of a classic feel, featuring stainless steel trim for a sleek, classy appearance. It is extremely quiet, in part because of a mechanism that thermoelectrically cools the entire system.

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Final Considerations


Before buying a wine refrigerator, an important factor to consider is whether or not your fridge comes equipped with great customer service or a warranty. By and large, the warranties for most brands tend to be similar, but always check the details for the models you are interested in and read the fine print. In some instances – when it may be necessary to repair some issues should they arise – you may want to know if replacement parts are easy to come by. How easy it is to find and replace them is another prime factor in deciding on a fridge for your home. At the very least, telephone and customer support via email should be provided.