How to Throw the Best Dinner Party Ever!

Has the art of the dinner party become an endangered species? It depends on who you ask, but as far as we are concerned, there’s still a lot of fun to be had in inviting friends over for great food, beverages, and stimulating conversation. Also, research studies have shown that sharing meals with friends can make us all happier and overall healthier.


But if the thought of throwing dinner parties makes you feel stressed out and agitated, here is a bit of news for you: hosting a house party can be very easy, stress-free, and if planned in advance, won’t leave you pulling your hair out. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to pull off a fabulous dinner party. The following are some tips to ensure your next party is fun for everyone involved (even the host!).


Plan Ahead to Ensure Success

The best house parties typically involve a great guest list that share similar interests as well as a few wild cards to enliven things. The most important thing is to ensure that all the guests will inevitably get along and won’t rock the boat too much. Writing the invitations by hand is always nice (if time permits), but an email or short phone call works fine, too.


Selecting the Entrees


Make a list of the possible foods you want to cook a week or two before the event and try to cook dishes that you excel at. By cooking smarter, you will save yourself both time and stress. If you really want to try out a new dish, test it about a week beforehand.


Aside from putting together a list of great dishes, you also will need to know about the dietary habits of everyone invited to ensure no one gets sick on your watch. Most guests will alert hosts if they have a particular allergy, but it is always nice to ask ahead of time. Always have at least one thing on the table that everyone invited can enjoy.


Check Inventory

A great house party means having the necessary dishes, glasses, plates, serving utensils, et cetera. Having a top rated wine refrigerator on hand always helps. Once you have taken inventory, you will know what you need to additionally buy or even borrow for the big event. Lay everything out the night before and also double check the ingredients you will need for your recipes a couple of days before the party to avoid any potential mishaps.


Flexibility Is Your Friend

No matter how much you plan in advance, there are bound to be some unexpected surprises along the way to your dinner party. Have more than enough beverages and food on hand just in case someone you invite decides to bring someone else along at the last minute. When in doubt, more is always better than less.


Menu Strategy

Minimize the amount of prep time in the meals you serve and keep it as simple as possible to avoid extra headaches. One immaculate dish is more than enough to wow your guests. Don’t stress yourself out when you could be enjoying the company of your friends!